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How many countries are there in the World ?

There are 195 countries in the World (as of February 2011). There are 2 ways to arrive at that number.

There are another 48 semi-autonomous territories such as Puerto Rico and Hong Kong, for example. These territories have specific holidays that differ from those of the state that officially controls them. These differences can be due to local historical holidays, religious holidays from minorities that are present in that territory, but not in the controlling state, or also a different way of observing holidays, such as the number of days for each holiday, or what happens if a holiday falls on a weekend.

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When will 2020 dates be available ?

Q++Studio users and Q++ Worldwide Public Holidays licensees already have access to 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, and many years beyond, public holidays. For the general public, the dates of 2020 worldwide public holidays will be published on January 1st, 2020.

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How can I buy or purchase 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 public holidays dates ?

If your company is interested in purchasing data, under license, from the Q++ Worldwide Public Holidays Database, then please contact us.

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Does your database include all the countries of the World ?

Yes, we cover all 195 countries of the world and all additional 48 semi-autonomous territories.

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How accurate are the dates of the Q++ Public Holidays Database ?

Since 1989, we have developed mathematical and astronomical software libraries, in cooperation with world-renowned calendar experts from Denmark, India, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Switzerland and the USA. These unique software tools, in conjunction with our database of predictive rules, enable us to easily forecast worldwide public holidays for the next 30 years and beyond.

In addition, to identify last-minute changes, and anticipate long-term changes to worldwide public holidays, we review between 100 and 200 online news sources and government sites daily . Some of the highlights of this research are published in our Worldwide Public Holidays News Blog, which is visited daily by diary and calendar publishers, banks, financial institutions, logistics companies, shipping and brokerage firms, government agencies, NGOs, and even other websites.

In the end, the best testimonial to the reliability of our database, is the fact that most of the world's foremost diary publishers are licensed users of Q++Studio and of its database of worldwide public holidays. In addition, diary producers for whom accurate astronomical data is vital, such as Ajasto, also use Q++ Studio to generate their diaries that contain astronomical data.

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Do you offer any email subscriptions or RSS news feeds ?

Yes, you can subscribe to our various email updates and RSS feeds here. Subscriptions are entirely free.

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Can I re-publish some of your information on my web site ?

You are free to quote information posted on this web site, as long as your quotes are limited in scope, and serve to illustrate a particular point (in a manner akin to the Fair Use Principle), and that you mention our web site as the source of the information (for example: "according to qppstudio.net, Easter Sunday is an official public holiday in only one of Germany's states"). To prevent wholesale copying of our published data, some of the most data-intensive and frequently updated pages on this site are protected against electronic copying.

The best solution, if you want to display up-to-the-minute holidays information to your web site's visitors, is to use our syndicated feed of world holidays. This way you can easily add a live feed of today's and tomorrow's holidays (as seen at the bottom of this page) to any of your web pages. Once it's done, you never have to worry about it anymore, the information viewed by your visitors will always be up to date, and will reflect their computer's date, regardless of the time zone in which they are.

Future years' data is also available under license for qualified professionals. Please contact us for more details.

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This site is great, how can I help ?

We we are currently happy to provide the date related software and holidays information for free, and to absorb all the costs related to its development and maintenance, although there are some non-trivial costs associated with the hosting of this site (we get about 2 million hits per month), and the time required to generate and update the web pages that contain world holidays. The development of the Q++ freeware also involves many hours of prime programming time by people who also need to feed their families.

The better this website is known, the more likely that we will get enquiries from interested prospective clients. So, you can help ensure that the necessary resources are allocated to the hosting maintenance, updating and development of the information and tools on this website by spreading the word about this site. This can be done in many different ways: by telling other people by email, by mentioning this web site, with a link to it, in discussion groups, or even better, by adding a link from your website to this site.

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Do you have a privacy policy ?

Yes, our privacy policy can be viewed online. We do not display any advertising (banner, sidebar, popup advertising), and we also do not accept sponsored links.

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Do you accept links to other sites on your site ?

We will publish links (one way, and with no need to reciprocate) to any page that we feel complements the information presented on our website, and which would be of interest to our visitors. General links will usually be published on our Useful Links page, but country-specific or religion-specific links may be added to individual  country pages or religion pages. If you know of a web site that would be of interest to our readers, please contact us, we welcome all suggestions.

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Why are some of the pages of this site protected ?

Every day, information from our website is copied by other websites. Some do it to attract visitors to their website and try to sell them unrelated products or services, and some do it to fill-up the content of their website (refusing to provide a link to our pages to ensure that people could view the most recently updated data).

This callous behavior hurts the general public by having potentially outdated information floating around the internet.

So we protect our main information pages to make it a harder for whole-scale plagiarists. The solution we found is totally harmless, but it does involve making our holidays pages non-printable, and also disabling any text selection from these pages. We apologize for the inconvenience that this causes to bona fide visitors. For more information, see our Privacy Policy.

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Is it safe to view your protected pages, and your site in general ?

Since our site has begun to protect its pages from plagiarism, there have been some postings, focusing on public holidays websites, suggesting that our wish to protect ourselves from plagiarists, was a cover for malevolent intentions. We can assure you that nothing is further from the truth. But, rather than taking our word, we suggest that you use your usual anti-spyware program to ascertain that nothing untoward was done to your system as the result of visiting our website. If you have more questions on the subject, please feel free to contact us directly, or see our Privacy Policy.

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Why can't I print or save some of the pages ?

The information freely published on this site is intended for personal or anecdotal professional use. If you wish to use our data in a professional and systematic manner, then all our data, including future years' data, is available under license to qualified professionals. Please contact us for more details, or see our Privacy Policy.

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