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Worldwide Public Holidays March 2017

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Below is the list of  all bank holidays, national holidays, legal holidays and public holidays observed in the month of March 2017, in all 197 countries of the world (all 194 UN members + Taiwan + the Vatican + Kosovo) and 50+ semi-independent territories with their own separate public holidays, such as Hong Kong, Macau, Gibraltar, Jersey, Guernsey, the Isle of Man, Puerto Rico, ...), as generated by the Q++ Studio, the source of public holidays trusted by the world's foremost diary and calendar publishers, banks, financial institutions, logistics companies, shipping and brokerage firms, government agencies, NGOs, and even other websites.

When the name of a country is followed by an asterisk (*), it means that the listed  holiday is not a full national holiday. It may be regional or non-official or limited to certain religious and/or linguistic groups. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions on this page or this website in general.

Bosnia and Herzegovina* Brazil* Cape Verde* Cayman Islands East Timor* French Guiana* Guadeloupe* Haiti Jamaica Marshall Islands Martinique* Micronesia* Mongolia Pakistan* Panama* Saint Barthélemy* Saint Martin* South Korea Spain* Switzerland* Tonga

Anguilla Ethiopia Iran Micronesia* Myanmar (formerly Burma)

Bulgaria East Timor Georgia Malawi


French Polynesia Iraq* Qatar* Vanuatu

Australia* Belize British Virgin Islands Ghana Guam* Kiribati Norfolk Island Vanuatu

Abkhazia Angola Armenia Azerbaijan Belarus Burkina Faso Cambodia Eritrea Georgia Guinea-Bissau Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Laos Liberia Madagascar* Moldova Mongolia Nauru Nepal North Korea Russia Sierra Leone Syria Tajikistan Transdniestria Turkmenistan Uganda Ukraine Uzbekistan Zambia

South Sudan

Bhutan* Lesotho Lithuania

Guyana India* Israel* Mauritius Myanmar (formerly Burma) Nepal* Sri Lanka Zambia

Australia* Australia* Australia* Australia* British Virgin Islands Gibraltar Guyana Holy See (Vatican City) India* India* Israel* Nepal* New Zealand* Suriname Turks and Caicos Islands Tuvalu Zambia

Albania Andorra India* Saint Vincent and Grenadines

Hungary Liberia Palau

Bangladesh Ireland Montserrat UK - Northern Ireland UK (United Kingdom)*

Aruba Comoros

Austria* Holy See (Vatican City) Iran Libya Liechtenstein Malta Switzerland*

Azerbaijan Christmas Island Colombia East Timor* Japan Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Mexico New Zealand* Spain* Tunisia Uzbekistan

Afghanistan Azerbaijan East Timor* Iran Iraq Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Namibia South Africa Syria Tajikistan Turkmenistan Uzbekistan

Afghanistan Albania Azerbaijan Guadeloupe* India* Iran Kazakhstan Puerto Rico* Saint Barthélemy* Saint Martin* Tajikistan Turkmenistan

Azerbaijan India* India* Iran Kazakhstan Malaysia* Pakistan Saint Kitts and Nevis* Tajikistan

Argentina Azerbaijan Iran Northern Mariana Islands Tajikistan

Cyprus Greece Lebanon San Marino

Bangladesh Mali

Myanmar (formerly Burma) Nepal*

India* Indonesia

Central African Republic India* India* Madagascar Mauritius

India* Trinidad and Tobago

Malta Micronesia Virgin Islands, U.S.*

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