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Q++ products and services range from high-end software systems for the diary and calendar industry, to free public holidays data, subscription services, and freeware for the general public.

The Q++Studio Diary Publishing System

The high-end professional software system used, since 1997, by the world's foremost diary publishers, to automate the creation, updating and customization of diary and calendar dated pages, information and prelim pages, customer artwork, and diary-related data in the industry-standard QuarkXPress file format (supports QuarkXPress versions 4-5-6-7-8-9-10-2015-2016-2017-2018).

Q++Studio contains diary and calendar-related translations for over 30 languages (more can be added by the user) and a public holidays database which can be used to calculate the public holidays of any country of the world, for any year in the future.


Q++Studio also performs astronomical calculations (moon phases, sunrise/sunset, eclipses, ...) whose results match renowned sources such as the USNO and JPL.

The Q++ Worldwide Public Holidays Database

The world's database of reference for international public holidays, covering all 195 countries of the world, and all 48 semi-autonomous territories (Hong Kong, Macau ...).

There is a free online version of this database, listing worldwide public holidays for the current year, and future years' public holidays data (2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, and beyond) can be licensed by qualified professionals.

The database is visited by 200,000 visitors, from over 200 countries and territories, every month. Regular visitors include well-known diary and calendar publishers, banks, financial institutions, logistics companies, shipping and brokerage firms, government agencies, NGOs, and even other websites, who all rely on the Q++ Worldwide Public Holidays Database for accurate public holidays listings and forecasts, as well as up-to-the-minute updates, whenever public holidays are declared, cancelled or modified, anywhere in the world.

Q++ Email and RSS Subscription Services (free)

An ensemble of free subscription services that allow you to stay up to date with, and anticipate changes in, worldwide public holidays, with multiple subscriptions options:

  • Available on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

  • Delivered via either email or RSS feed.

  • Two editions: one listing current public holidays throughout the world, and the other, a news and analysis digest of upcoming changes to worldwide public holidays.

The Q++ Worldwide Public Holidays News and Analysis Blog (free)

A blog containing daily updated news and analysis, to allow you to better understand and anticipate changes in worldwide public holidays, with news, updates and analysis, based on a daily review of over 200 online newspapers, government sites, and institutional sources.

The premier source of public holidays news and information on the web, visited regularly by diary and calendar publishers, banks, financial institutions, logistics companies, shipping and brokerage firms, government agencies, NGOs, and even other websites.

The Q++ Freeware Collection

A collection of date and calendar-related programs which have been extracted from the various modules of Q++Studio and are offered to the general public as freeware.

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