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Bank and Public Holidays for Belgium

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Belgium bank holidays, national holidays and public holidays for the remainder of 2019, from the Q++ Worldwide Public Holidays Database, the professional source of international public holidays long trusted by the world's foremost diary publishers.

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Belgium Public Holidays in 2019 Observance*
Jan.    Tue New Year's Day
Apr.    Mon Easter Monday
May   1 Wed May Day
      8 Wed Fête de l'iris (Brussels Region Day) Mun+Gov
     30 Thu Ascension Day
     31 Fri Ascension Friday Banks
June 10 Mon Whit Monday
July 11 Thu Flemish Community Day Reg+Gov+Lin
     21 Sun National Day
Aug. 15 Thu Assumption Day
Sep. 27 Fri French Community Day Reg+Gov+Lin
Nov.  1 Fri All Saints' Day
      2 Sat All Souls' Day Government
     11 Mon Armistice Day
     15 Fri King's Day / German Community Day Government
Dec. 25 Wed Christmas Day
     26 Thu Second Day of Christmas Government
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Recent News and Updates (public news feed delayed by 30 days)

26 Feb 2012 Belgium Pentecost Public Holiday Faces The Ax (RTBF INFO-Brussels) Belgium's Defense Minister, Pieter De Crem, has proposed a set of measures to reduce Belgium's budget deficit, including the cancellation of the annual Pentecost Monday public holiday.  06 Aug 2010 Belgium To Re-Consider July 11 Public Holiday Status (RTBF INFO-Antwerpen) The ministre-président of Belgium's Flemmish region, Kris Peeters, has announced in Parliament that he would like to make July 11 a full-fledged public holiday in Flanders.  24 Aug 2009 Belgium Minister Wants Ramadan Public Holiday (RTBF Info-Bruxelles) Belgium's government minister for the Bruxelles capital region, Benoit Cerexhe, has suggested adding a floating public holidays for the end of Ramadan Muslim festival.  21 Aug 2009 Belgium Could Add 3 Regional Public Holidays (Le Soir-Bruxelles) A Belgian legislator, Ben Weyts (N-VA), will introduce a bill making each of the 3 community holidays (July 11, September 27, and November 15) into fully-paid public holidays in their respective community.  17 May 2009 Belgium's Unlikely To Adopt Floating Public Holidays (Conseil National Belge Du Travail-Brussels) The Conseil National Belge Du Travail (CNT) has released an opinion paper ("avis n° 1687 du 6 mai 2009") rejecting a mandatory floating public holiday whereby each individual could choose one public holiday to match his/her religious or philosophical views.  29 Jan 2008 Belgium Announces May 2 and November 10 Bridge Public Holidays (Het Laatste Nieuws + RTL Info + Le Vif) Labour Minister, Josly Piette, announced that May 2, 2008, will be the official day off to compensate for the conjunction of Labour Day and Ascension Day in 2008, unless a specific other date is agreed to.  10 Jan 2008 Belgium Cancels Upcoming May 2 Public Holiday (De Standaard) Belgium's interim Federal Minister of Labor, Josly Piette, announced yesterday that May 2, 2008, will not be an official public holiday, thereby cancelling last April's decision by his predecessor, Peter Vanvelthoven, taken to compensate for the fact that, in 2008, both May Day and Ascension fall on the same date. May 2, 2008, Ascension Friday, will therefore revert to its usual status as a banks-only holiday.  24 Apr 2007 Belgium Announces May 2 Public Holiday In 2008 (RTL Infos) Belgium's Minister of Labor has decided to make Friday May 2, 2008 a public holiday in Belgium as compensation for the fact that both May Day and Ascension fall on the same date.  23 Apr 2007 Belgium Considering Adding A Sunday Public Holiday In 2008 (RTL Infos) In a, yet to be confirmed, measure, Belgium's Minister of Labor is considering declaring a one-off public holiday in Belgium, on Sunday, August 10, 2008, to compensate for the fact that, in 2008, the May Day public holiday and the Ascension public holiday, will both fall on the same date.  18 Jan 2007 (Euronews) Belgium has set a date for its next federal election: June 10, the same day as the first round of parliamentary elections in neighboring France.  More News Updates For the full version of the summarized news items above, and older news items not displayed above, go to the Belgium public holidays news and updates page, or worldwide public holidays news and updates page, or subscribe to one of our free email newsletters.

Background Information

Governing Law: Official public holidays in Belgium are regulated by the "Loi du 4 janvier 1974 relative aux jours fériés" as modified on June 1, 1994, and amended in 2003 (Arrêté royal du 11 juillet 2003 modifiant la loi du 4 janvier 1974 relative aux jours fériés) to include civil servants.  Weekend Public Holidays: Contrary to what is often reported, when public holidays coincide with an official non-working day (e.g. a Saturday or a Sunday), employees are not entitled to a replacement day off. That is to say, public holidays that occur on a weekend remain on that date.  Belgium International Codes BE and BEL (2 and 3-letter ISO3166 codes) and .be (ICANN national top-level internet domain). • Other Sources of Information The following specialized websites are also a good source of Belgium information and news: National Bank of Belgium (Belgium central bank), UnitedHealthcare Global (security-related world events: terrorist threats, political strife, strikes, criminal activity, aviation incidents and health outbreaks), CIA World Factbook (Belgium maps, demographics and economic statistics), the IFES (information covering upcoming elections, referenda, electoral structures and voter participation in Belgium), and Wikipedia (includes Belgium commemorative dates that are not necessarily public holidays).


Observance : Any entry in the Observance column indicates that, in Belgium, the holiday may be regional or non-official or limited to certain religious and/or linguistic groups, or begin at a time other than midnight. Note that religious holidays are included only if they are national public holidays, or if the national labour code has specific holiday allowances for employees of specific religions. Aft=Afternoon, Arm=Armenian, Bah=Bahai, Bnk=Banks and most financial institutions, Bud=Buddhist, Cat=Catholic, Chr=Christian, Cop=Coptic, Eve=Evening, Gov=Government services and civil servants, Hin=Hindu, Jew=Jewish, Lin=Linguistic or ethnic groups, Mor=Morning, Mun=Municipal, Mus=Muslim, Orth=Orthodox, Othr=Miscellaneous partial observances (usually described in the Additional Information section of this page), Prt=Protestant, Reg=Regional, Rel=Other Religion, Sch=Schools and universities, Sik=Sikh.

In many parts of the world, holidays are subject to arbitrary, last minute, changes by local authorities. While every effort has been made to present an accurate list of 2019 bank holidays, legal holidays and public holidays for Belgium, we cannot accept any responsibility for any error or omission in the data presented above. You are therefore advised to verify the above dates with the embassy or consulate of Belgium, before planning any trip to Belgium. For last-minute updates to worldwide public holidays, visit our worldwide public holidays news and updates page or subscribe to our free email newsletters.

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