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Bank and Public Holidays for Poland

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Poland bank holidays, national holidays and public holidays for the remainder of 2019, from the Q++ Worldwide Public Holidays Database, the professional source of international public holidays long trusted by the world's foremost diary publishers.

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Poland Public Holidays in 2019
Jan.    Tue New Year's Day
        Sun Epiphany
Apr.    Sun Easter
        Mon Easter Monday
May   1 Wed State Holiday (Swieto Panstwowe)
      3 Fri Constitution Day
June  9 Sun Whit Sunday (Pentecost)
     20 Thu Corpus Christi Day
Aug. 15 Thu Assumption Day
Nov.  1 Fri All Saints' Day
     11 Mon Independence Day
Dec. 25 Wed Christmas Day
     26 Thu Second Day of Christmas
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Recent News and Updates (public news feed delayed by 30 days)

24 Oct 2018 Poland Declares November 12 Public Holiday (Polskie Radio-Warsaw) Last night, Poland's Sejm (lower house), passed by a vote of 233 votes for, 105 against and 77 abstentions, a bill that declares Monday, November 12, 2018, as a one-off non-working public holiday in Poland to mark the 100th anniversary of Poland regaining independence on November 11, 1918.  01 Sep 2013 Poland Calls For August 31 Public Holiday (Polskie Radio-Warsaw) Polish Nobel-prize winning former leader of Solidarity, Lech Walesa, has made a repeated, and last-ditch, call to have August 31, the date of the historic 1980 agreement that legalized the Solidarity trade union, a new annual non-working public holiday in Poland.  03 Dec 2012 Poland Bishops Declare New Holiday (Polskie Radio-Warsaw) The Polish Bishops' Conference has announced that the Thursday after Whitsunday will henceforth be a new holiday dedicated to "Jesus Christ the Eternal Almighty Priest".  19 Jan 2011 Poland Epiphany Public Holiday Challenged In Court (Polskie Radio-Warsaw) The Polish Confederation of Private Employers has decided to challenge the constitutional validity of the recently-reintroduced Epiphany public holiday in front of Poland's Constitutional Tribunal.  06 Nov 2010 Poland Epiphany Public Holiday Update (Polskie Radio-Warsaw) The Polish Employers' Federation has appealed to the Polish President, Bronislaw Komorowski, to ask him not to sign into law the recent law restoring the Epiphany public holiday.  24 Sep 2010 Poland Restores Epiphany Public Holiday (Polskie Radio-Warsaw) The Polish Parliament has approved a draft amendment to the Labour Law and Bill on Holidays, which finally re-establishes Epiphany as an official non-working public holiday.  10 Oct 2009 Poland Votes New National Holiday (Polskie Radio-Warsaw) Poland's lower house of Parliament (the Sejm) has passed a bill declaring a new, August 1st, national holiday, the National Day of Memory for the Warsaw Uprising (Narodowy Dzien Pamieci Powstania Warszawskiego).  08 Sep 2009 Poland Legislature To Consider September 17 Public Holiday (Polskie Radio-Warsaw) Poland's Law and Justice opposition party (PiS) has filed a resolution in the lower house of parliament, calling for September 17 to be made a national public holiday, in commemoration of the 1939 invasion of Poland by Russia.  31 Jul 2009 Poland Considering August 1st National Holiday (Polskie Radio-Warsaw) Following Poland's President, Lech Kaczynski's initiative, a draft bill proclaiming August 1st a national holiday has already been forwarded to the Sejm (Poland's lower house of parliament) to coincide with the 65th anniversary of the 1944 Warsaw Uprising.  19 Apr 2009 Poland Epiphany Public Holiday Restoration Update (Polish Radio-Warsaw) Polish Radio reports that the Mayor of Lódz, Jerzy Kropiwnicki, is expected to hand over a petition to the speaker of the Sejm, Poland's lower house, restoring the January 6, Epiphany, national public holiday.  More News Updates For the full version of the summarized news items above, and older news items not displayed above, go to the Poland public holidays news and updates page, or worldwide public holidays news and updates page, or subscribe to one of our free email newsletters.

Background Information

Governing Law: Holidays in Poland are regulated by the Non-working Days Act of 18 January 1951 (Ustawa z dnia 18 stycznia 1951 o dniach wolnych od pracy); Journal of Laws, No. 4 of 1960, item No. 28. The Act, as amended in 1990 (texts 159 and 160, respectively: Act to abolish the 22nd of July as the celebration day of the rebirth of Poland and Act to declare the 3rd of May national holiday), currently defines twelve Public Holidays. As Whit Sunday (Pentecost) always falls on a Sunday it is not widely known .  Weekend Public Holidays: Public holidays that occur on a weekend remain on that date (ie. they are not moved to another date, such as the following Monday, for example).  First Week of May: Under communist rule the 1st of May was celebrated as Labour Day with government endorsed parades, concerts and similar events. Following the 1990 changes, the Sejm decided to keep this day a public holiday but to give it a neutral name for a state holiday. In addition, the 3rd of May was made Constitution Day, so that Poles now have two public holidays within one week. It is customary to bridge the gap by taking a day's leave on the 2nd (a date on which it is usually impossible to do any business, as most government offices, banks, shops, etc are closed), and if the weekend falls favourably most Poles can enjoy nine work-free days while using up only three days of leave .  In February 2004, 2 May was named Flag Day; it was not, however, made a public holiday .  Store Openings: A new law, forbidding stores in Poland from opening on public holidays, came into effect on November 1, 2007.  Poland International Codes PL and POL (2 and 3-letter ISO3166 codes) and .pl (ICANN national top-level internet domain). • Other Sources of Information The following specialized websites are also a good source of Poland information and news: National Bank of Poland (Poland central bank), UnitedHealthcare Global (security-related world events: terrorist threats, political strife, strikes, criminal activity, aviation incidents and health outbreaks), CIA World Factbook (Poland maps, demographics and economic statistics), the IFES (information covering upcoming elections, referenda, electoral structures and voter participation in Poland), and Wikipedia (includes Poland commemorative dates that are not necessarily public holidays).


Religion of Specific Business Contacts : Some of the business contacts that you may be trying to meet in Poland, may belong to a religious group that is not common in Poland, and therefore which is not included in the above list of public holidays or bank holidays. To be safe, you should also verify that no major religious holidays coincides with any planned business trip to Poland.

In many parts of the world, holidays are subject to arbitrary, last minute, changes by local authorities. While every effort has been made to present an accurate list of 2019 bank holidays, legal holidays and public holidays for Poland, we cannot accept any responsibility for any error or omission in the data presented above. You are therefore advised to verify the above dates with the embassy or consulate of Poland, before planning any trip to Poland. For last-minute updates to worldwide public holidays, visit our worldwide public holidays news and updates page or subscribe to our free email newsletters.

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