• Romania (May 23) Romania Rules-Out Extended May Public Holidays   • Gambia (May 22) Gambian Public Holiday May 25   • Spain (May 22) Spain 2019 Andalucia Public Holidays Announced   • Suriname (May 21) Suriname 145th Indian Arrival Anniversary Public Holiday   • Turkey (May 21) Turkey Amends 2019, 2021 and 2022 Public Holidays   • India (May 20) India Nagaland Public Holiday May 28   • Côte d'Ivoire (May 19) Ivory Coast Public Holiday May 21   • Spain (May 19) Spain 2019 Valencia Public Holidays Announced   • Cameroon (May 18) Cameroon Public Holiday May 21   • Ecuador (May 18) Ecuador Public Holiday May 25-27   • Anguilla (May 17) Anguilla Public Holiday May 25   • Burundi (May 16) Burundi Public Holiday May 17   • Moldova (May 16) Moldova Renews June 1st Public Holiday For 2018   • Pakistan (May 16) Pakistan Ramadan 2018 Bank Holiday   • Indonesia (May 15) Indonesian 2018 Bank Holidays Amended   • Luxembourg (May 14) Luxemburg 2019 Bank Holidays Announced   • Zimbabwe (May 13) Zimbabwe Mulls Summer Electoral Public Holiday   • Venezuela (May 12) Venezuelan Bank Holiday May 14   • Hong Kong (May 11) Hong Kong 2019 Public Holidays Released   • Nepal (May 11) Nepalese Bhoto Jatra Public Holiday May 13   • Gambia (May 10) Gambian Public Holiday May 12   • Malaysia (May 10) Malaysia Declares Public Holidays May 17-18   • Estonia (May 9) Estonian Bill To Extend Easter Public Holidays   • Malaysia (May 9) Malaysia Declares May 10-11 Public Holidays   • Malaysia (May 8) Malaysia Could Add May 14-15 Public Holidays   • Armenia (May 7) Armenian Public Holiday May 8   • Canada (May 7) Canada To Review Ontario Public Holidays Rules   • Malaysia (May 7) Malaysia Kedah Thaipusam Public Holiday Update   • Oman (May 6) Oman Start of Ramadan 2018   • Nigeria (May 5) Nigeria Mulls PVC Public Holidays   • Nepal (May 4) Nepalese Public Holiday May 11   • Palau (May 4) Palau Senior Citizens' Day 2018 Public Holiday   • India (May 3) India 2018 Haryana Public Holidays Amended   • India (May 3) India Karnataka Public Holiday May 12   • Sri Lanka (May 3) Sri Lanka Clarifies May 7 Public Holiday   • Latvia (May 2) Latvia Mulls May 1 Public Holiday Swap   • Philippines (May 2) Philippines Public Holiday May 14   • Algeria (May 1) Algeria Votes Amazigh Public Holiday   • Paraguay (May 1) Paraguayan May 14-15 Public Holidays   • Bhutan (Apr 30) Bhutanese Public Holiday May 2   • Japan (Apr 30) Japan Mulls Further 2019 Public Holidays Extension   • UAE (Apr 30) UAE Considering Regional Public Holidays   • Algeria (Apr 29) Algeria 2018 Labour Day Public Holiday   • Bahrain (Apr 29) Bahrain Labour Day 2018 Public Holiday   • Maldives (Apr 29) Maldives 2018 Ramadan Public Holiday Could Be Extended   • Nepal (Apr 29) Nepalese Public Holiday April 30   • Lebanon (Apr 28) Lebanon Public Holidays May 4-7   • Cameroon (Apr 27) Cameroon Public Holiday April 30   • Gambia (Apr 27) Gambian Public Holiday May 1st   • Nicaragua (Apr 27) Nicaraguan Labour Day 2018 Public Holiday   • Ecuador (Apr 26) Ecuador Public Holidays April 30 and May 1st   • Honduras (Apr 26) Honduras Public Sector Holiday April 30   • Bolivia (Apr 25) Bolivian Labor Day 2018 Public Holiday   • Macedonia (Apr 25) Macedonian Public Holiday May 1st   • Nigeria (Apr 25) Nigerian 2018 Labour Day Public Holiday     Previous dates: here

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