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The qppstudio app for Android phones and tablets

The qppstudio app for Android devices, also available for iPhone and iPad, lets you access the portion of the qppstudio database of worldwide public holidays displayed on the qppstudio.net website, directly from your Android phone or tablet. Best of all, this app is 100% free (no ads and no in-app purchases).

Click here to download the qppstudio app for Android devices.

Why choose the qppstudio app ?

First, and foremost, the quality and timeliness of the data.

The qppstudio Worldwide Public Holidays App is based on the qppstudio database of worldwide public holidays, and is always up-to-date (the app updates its data, automatically, once a day).

Additionally, the qppstudio app for Android devices was developped specifically for Android devices, using the native Android Studio toolkit, which means that it is a lightning fast and lightweight app (barely 2MB).


The qppstudio app is composed of 6 screens. The qppstudio app is also available, in a version specially developped for iPhone and iPad.