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Below are the Terms and Conditions which regulate the licensing of Q++ Worldwide Public Holidays by qualified professionals. In all cases, the data licensed under the Terms and Conditions, below, remains at all times the exclusive intellectual property of Alter Ego Services and its stakeholders.

  • Each license entitles you to import the licensed data into one (1) database/ERP system, regardless of the number of users accessing that database/ERP. Replication and multiple identical instances of this database are permitted, as long as they are accessed by the same single application/system.

  • If the licensed data is to be packaged as part of one of your services or software products provided to third-parties, then the licensed data should be a minor component of the service/product that you provide to third-parties.

  • In paper-based offset print format (such as diaries, calendars and travel guides), you may re-distribute the licensed data as you wish.

  • You may include the licensed data in consumer market single-user software (such as iPhone/iPad/Android apps) where the licensed data is displayed but cannot be exported.

  • On your corporate intranet, you may display the licensed data as you wish, as long as your users undertake to respect the present licensing terms.

  • On your web site, on password protected pages that are only accessible to paying clients (i.e. not accessible to the general public or to search engine robots), you may display the licensed data as you wish.

  • If you license public holidays for the entire world with updates (1500 Euros per calendar year of data), then you may display up to six consecutive months of our data for the current year on your publicly accessible web pages (i.e. never more than 6 months of data, and only for holiday dates of the current calendar year). A mention that the licensed data is provided by qppstudio.net should be placed on every public page that displays parts of the licensed data (the mention of qppstudio.net does not need to be a link, just the text).

  • You may not re-distribute or re-sell parts of the licensed data covered by this license in electronic file format.

  • All data is licensed "as is”, and Alter Ego Services makes no warranty or representation of any kind whatsoever, including, but not limited to, the accuracy, timeliness or suitability to any purpose of the data being licensed.

  • The pricing and terms of our licenses are based on the deliverables listed on the front of our quotes and invoices, to the exclusion of any other. The prices quoted do not include our filling-out and/or signing of any document whatsoever.

  • The prices, terms and conditions, which appear in our PROFORMA quotes are valid for 30 days, unless otherwise noted.

  • To allow us to continue to focus our time and resources on delivering the best and most up-to-date data possible, clients are kindly requested to internally process all administrative matters arising at their end (such as, but not limited to, POs), without any intervention on our part. In any case, please note that we will never include a client’s PO number on our invoices, as this could be misconstrued as our acceptance of the client’s Terms and Condition, which is something that we will never do.

  • Payments are due in advance.

Note that Q++Studio, the industry-standard diary and calendar publishing system, includes the Q++ Worldwide Public Holidays Database of predictive rules which can be used to calculate the public holidays of any country of the world, for any year in the future. Please contact us for additional licensing and pricing information.

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