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• Laos (Mar 25) Laos 2019 Public Holidays Extended   • Cambodia (Mar 24) Cambodia Confims Reduction In Public Holidays   • Kuwait (Mar 23) Kuwaiti Public Holiday April 4   • China (Mar 22) China 2019 Public Holidays Amended   • Armenia (Mar 21) Armenia Votes New April Holiday   • India (Mar 20) India Uttarakhand Public Holiday April 11   • Spain (Mar 20) Spain 2020 Murcia Public Holidays Announced   • Luxembourg (Mar 19) Luxemburg May 9 Public Holiday From This Year   • India (Mar 18) India Delhi NCT Public Holiday April 14   • India (Mar 17) Indian Goa Public Holiday March 18   • Romania (Mar 16) Romanian Senate Votes Public Holidays Amendments   • Cambodia (Mar 15) Cambodia Mulls Reduction In Public Holidays   • Nepal (Mar 15) Nepalese 2019-2020 Public Holidays Gazetted   • Venezuela (Mar 15) Venezuelan Bank Holiday March 19   • Mayotte (Mar 14) Mayotte Miradji Public Holiday April 4   • Barbados (Mar 13) Barbados 2019 Public Holidays Clarified   • Malawi (Mar 13) Malawi 2019 Public Holidays Announced   • Saudi Arabia (Mar 12) Saudi Clarifies Eid Public Holidays   • Venezuela (Mar 11) Venezuela Public Holidays Extended Until March 13   • Spain (Mar 10) Spain 2020 Asturias Public Holidays Gazetted   • Madagascar (Mar 9) Madagascar 2019 Public Holidays Announced   • Bangladesh (Mar 8) Bangladesh Shab-e-Meraj April 3   • Suriname (Mar 8) Suriname Public Holiday March 2   • Chad (Mar 7) Chad Gazettes March 8 Public Holiday   • Nauru (Mar 6) Nauru Public Holiday March 8   • South Korea (Mar 6) South Korea Rules-Out April 11 Public Holiday   • UAE (Mar 5) UAE 2019-2020 Public Holidays Announced   • East Timor (Mar 4) Timor Leste Public Holiday March 6   • Ghana (Mar 3) Ghana Passes Bill To Amend Public Holidays   • Haiti (Mar 2) Haiti 2019 Carnival Public Holidays Extended   • Germany (Mar 1) Germany Adds September 20 Public Holiday   • Thailand (Mar 1) Thailand 2019 Royal Ploughing Ceremony Public Holiday   • Austria (Feb 28) Austria Backtracks On Good Friday Public Holiday   • Estonia (Feb 27) Estonian Mulls March 25 Public Holiday   • Nepal (Feb 27) Nepalese Public Holiday February 28   • Venezuela (Feb 27) Venezuelan Extended Carnival Bank Holidays Ruled-Out   • Paraguay (Feb 26) Paraguay Public Sector Holiday February 27   • South Africa (Feb 25) South African May 8 Public Holiday Gazetted     Previous dates: here

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There are 3 ways to access the Q++Studio
Worldwide Public Holidays Online Database:


Country-by-country listings* of international bank holidays, public holidays and national holidays for all 195 countries and 48 semi-autonomous territories of the world, with detailed comments on the observance of regional, religious, ethnic and government public holidays. The data contained in these listings of international public holidays is immediately updated** whenever a change happens anywhere in the world.


Month-by-month listings of all the countries that have a national, public, or bank holiday, with the name of the holiday, and if it is a full-fledged holiday or not. From these listings, you can click on any country name to view all the holidays of that country.

Q++Studio, the diary typesetting software used by the world's foremost diary and calendar publishers, already includes the Q++ Worldwide Public Holidays Database of predictive rules which can be used to calculate the public holidays of any country of the world, for any year in the future.

* The current year's data is viewable freely, online, for the general public. Worldwide public holidays data for 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, and beyond, is available under license to qualified professionals.

** Our research team monitors public holidays changes daily in over 200 online news sources in 10 languages to ensure that the information on this website is always the most recent as well as being the most accurate. To stay up-to-date with current public holidays and news and updates, subscribe to any of our RSS news feeds or visit our Worldwide Public Holidays News and Updates Center.

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