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• Gambia (Feb 16) Gambian Public Holidays February 18   • India (Feb 16) Indian 2017 West Bengal Public Holidays Expanded   • Malaysia (Feb 15) Malaysian KTN Public Holiday February 19   • Canada (Feb 14) Canada BC Family Day Public Holidays Update   • Afghanistan (Feb 13) Afghanistan Public Holiday February 14   • Sudan (Feb 12) Sudan 2017 Public Holidays Announced   • Bénin (Feb 11) Bénin 2017 Public Holidays Announced   • India (Feb 10) India 2017 Maharashtra Public Holidays February 16 and 21   • Malta (Feb 10) Malta 2017 Bank Holidays Announced   • Liberia (Feb 9) Liberian Armed Forces Public Holiday February 11   • Indonesia (Feb 8) Indonesian Public Holiday February 15   • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (Feb 7) St Vincent and the Grenadines Public Holiday February 14   • Thailand (Feb 7) Thailand Public Holidays Overhaul Update   • Haiti (Feb 6) Haiti Public Holiday February 7   • Australia (Feb 5) Australia 2018-2019 ACT Public Holidays Announced   • Afghanistan (Feb 4) Afghanistan Public Holiday February 5   • Mexico (Feb 3) Mexico Bank Holiday February 6   • Panama (Feb 3) Panama 2017 Bank Holidays Announced   • Argentina (Feb 2) Argentina Public Holidays Legislation Additional Changes Gazetted   • Honduras (Feb 2) Honduras Suyapa Public Holiday February 3   • Lebanon (Feb 2) Lebanon Hariri Bank Holiday February 14   • Madagascar (Feb 1) Madagascar 2017 Public Holidays Announced   • Ethiopia (Jan 31) Ethiopian 2017 Public Holidays Announced   • Ukraine (Jan 31) Ukraine Mulls Soviet-Era Public Holidays Shake-Up   • Argentina (Jan 30) Argentina Public Holidays Legislation Changes Again   • Venezuela (Jan 29) Venezuela Public Holiday February 1st   • North Cyprus (Jan 28) North Cyprus 2017 Public Holidays Announced   • Australia (Jan 27) Australia Rules-Out Tasmania Aboriginal Public Holiday     Previous dates: here

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Welcome to the Q++ Studio Website.

This is the home of Q++ Studio, the diary and calendar publishing software system, used by the world's foremost diary and calendar publishers, and the home of the Q++ Worldwide Public Holidays database, the professional, industry standard, source of international public holidays, updated daily and used by professionals worldwide for accurate public holidays listings, long-term forecasts and date calculations.

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