Public Holidays Licensing

• Antigua and Barbuda (Mar 21) Antigua and Barbuda Public Holiday March 22   • Botswana (Mar 21) Botswana Public Holiday April 3   • Nicaragua (Mar 20) Nicaraguan Easter 2018 Public Sector Holidays Extended   • Honduras (Mar 19) Honduras Public Sector Holidays March 24-April 1   • Venezuela (Mar 18) Venezuelan Bank Holiday March 19   • Spain (Mar 17) Spain 2019 Balears Public Holidays Announced   • Costa Rica (Mar 16) Costa Rican Public Sector Holidays March 24-April 1   • Swaziland (Mar 15) Swaziland Public Holidays April 19-20   • Philippines (Mar 14) Philippines Public Holiday March 28   • Guatemala (Mar 13) Guatemala Electoral Public Holiday April 16   • Romania (Mar 12) Romanian Good Friday Public Holiday Update   • Algeria (Mar 11) Algerian Cabinet to Enshrine Amazigh Public Holiday   • Palau (Mar 11) Palau Public Holiday March 15   • Liberia (Mar 10) Liberian Public Holidays March 14-15   • Saint Helena (Mar 10) Saint Helena 2018 Tristan Public Holiday March 12   • Finland (Mar 9) Finland 2021 Bank Holidays Announced   • Latvia (Mar 8) Latvian Orthodox Christmas Public Holidays Update   • Germany (Mar 7) Germany To Add Reformation Public Holiday In Lower Saxony   • Peru (Mar 7) Peruvian Public Holidays March 29-30   • Zambia (Mar 6) Zambian Public Holiday March 9   • Armenia (Mar 5) Armenian Public Holiday April 2   • Lebanon (Mar 4) Lebanon 2018 Bank Holidays Amended Again   • Mongolia (Mar 3) Mongolian Public Holiday March 8   • Canada (Mar 2) Canada Federal November 11 Public Holiday   • Qatar (Mar 2) Qatari Bank Holiday March 4   • Germany (Mar 1) Germany Hamburg State Adds Reformation Public Holiday   • Romania (Feb 28) Romanian Good Friday Public Holiday Update   • Bosnia and Herzegovina (Feb 27) Bosnian 2018 Independence Day Public Holiday March 1st   • Thailand (Feb 27) Thailand 2018 Public Holidays Amended   • India (Feb 26) India 2018 Telangana Public Holiday March 1st   • Madagascar (Feb 26) Madagascar 2018 Public Holidays Announced   • Romania (Feb 25) Romanian Senate Votes Good Friday Public Holiday   • Dominican Republic (Feb 24) Dominican Republic Public Holiday February 27   • Germany (Feb 23) Germany Votes New Schleswig-Holstein Public Holiday   • Suriname (Feb 23) Suriname Public Holiday March 2   • Paraguay (Feb 22) Paraguay Public Holiday February 26   • Guyana (Feb 21) Guyana Public Holidays February 23     Previous dates: here

World Holidays
About Us

Worldwide public holidays for 2018 can be viewed online for non-professional use.

Qualified professionals can contact us to license worldwide public holidays for the years 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, and beyond, subject to our Terms and Conditions, and benefit from all the hallmark features of the Q++ Worldwide Public Holidays Database.

  • Industry-standard data: The Q++ Project was started in 1989, at the request of a group of diary publishers, with the aim to create software tools allowing for the long-term prediction of worldwide public holidays. Initially released in 1999, the Q++ Worldwide Public Holidays Database has now become the reference source of worldwide public holidays used by the world's foremost diary publishers, the travel and tourism industry, international news services, finance and banking, telecommunications, shipping and logistics, the IT Industry, and governmental agencies.

  • Coverage of the entire world: The Q++ Worldwide Public Holidays Database covers all 195 countries of the world as well as all the semi-autonomous territories of the world (such as Hong Kong, Macau, Greenland, Gibraltar ...).

  • Uniform coverage of the world: We have diary publishing clients on all 5 continents, so every single country of the world, no matter how small or how remote, gets our full attention.

  • Focus on real public holidays: Our data is designed for professionals who need to know the dates of actual public holidays (ie. when either businesses, banks or government services are closed), and we relentlessly purge our database of any dates that are not real public holidays.

  • Long-term predictions: Since 1989, we have developed mathematical and astronomical software libraries, in cooperation with world-renowned calendar experts from Denmark, India, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Switzerland and the USA. These unique software tools, in conjunction with our database of predictive rules, enable us to easily forecast worldwide public holidays for the next 30 years and beyond.

  • Instant reactivity: To identify last-minute changes, and anticipate long-term changes to worldwide public holidays, we review hundreds of online news sources and government sites, every single day of the year . Some of the highlights of this research are published in our Worldwide Public Holidays News Updates, which is visited daily by diary and calendar publishers, banks, financial institutions, logistics companies, shipping and brokerage firms, government agencies, NGOs, and even other websites.

  • IT-friendly data formatting: We are professional software developers, and the data files we supply are designed for maximal ease and flexibility of import into relational database and ERP systems. We use specific and consistent keywords to allow you to filter information such as regional or tentative holidays, and each entry has a unique country and holiday ID, as well as the date when the public holiday recurrence rule was last modified.

  • Flexible data delivery: Licensed public holidays data is available as Excel and/or CSV files, and updates can be sent to you by email or uploaded to the FTP server of your choice. In-between updates, you can request email notifications for only certain countries, or for changes that have an imminent impact (for example, before the date of the next regular update).

  • No-nonsense licensing terms: Licensing restrictions in our Terms and Conditions are few, and are all couched in plain English.

  • Long-term commitment: Date-related and calendar-related consulting and data generation has been at the heart of our business, ever since the inception of our public holidays database, more than 25 years ago. The diary and calendar publishing world relies on us and you can also rely on us as a source of regularly updated public holidays, for years to come.

Note that Q++Studio, the industry-standard diary and calendar publishing system, includes the Q++ Worldwide Public Holidays Database of predictive rules which can be used to calculate the public holidays of any country of the world, for any year in the future. Please contact us for additional licensing and pricing information.

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